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KEYNOTE Process Manual

Flag the work order as “DO NOT MOVE”

Ability to see how many users are in the same work order

While on the ‘Scheduling’ screen or ‘Technician View’ screen, if moving a scheduled appointment to a different date or time, right click the appointment block and click ‘Lock & Save’ for a quick schedule save.

When there are multiple appointment blocks on the calendar view, clicking the priority code box will highlight the current appointment block for that specific work order

When on the work order screen, the ‘Complete By’ date box will appear as red if the work order is in an “open” status beyond the ‘Complete By’ date indicating that the work order is “overdue”

While on the ‘Scheduling’ screen, ‘Technician View’ screen, or the ‘Work Order’ screen, the appointment block will appear as:

While on the ‘Work Order’ screen, the current work order status on the client portal will be visible in the work order summary section under ‘OPTIONS’

To minimize the menu bar on the left side, click on the KEYNOTE icon on the top left-hand corner

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